5 Reasons why you Should get the Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K TV Box

Unboxing Xiaomi Mi Box S

I have been using the Xiaomi Mi Box S for sometime now and it has really made my TV smarter. It is really a good buy.

Below are reasons you should get one:

1. Cost: The Mi Box S price is moderate. It is between $60–70. And if you look around well enough you can find discounted prices of up to $47. Comparing the Mi Box S to the NVIDIA Shield which costs about $149.99 the Mi Box S is a sizeable good buy. Mi Box S competes with the likes of Amazon TV Stick, Roku and Apple TV. The Mi Box S arrives at slightly lower price than its predecessor which is another good sign. In terms of hardware, It is powered by the S905X processor by AMlogic widely used by many other TV Boxes.

It is equipped with 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 8 GB Storage and arrives with android 8.1 out of the box. For connectivity besides the Bluetooth, you can count on DTS HD and Dolby surround sound, HDMI 2.0, a USB port remote controller with voice commands and embedded Chromecast. There is HDR support also


2. Software: It comes with the Android TV flavor, meaning that the Box X is actually running an image of Google’s Android system which is certified, you don’t have to worry about shady apps, services bloatware. It comes with version 8.1 out of the box a nice step up compared to the competition. There are a lot of applications you can download on Play store, a majority of them are for free. Using external media with the Mi Box S works well too.

3. Streaming Services: On the Box S you could stream content in Full HD and 4K among the biggest strengths of the TV box and something that non-certified devices cannot offer and you may verify that using the app DRM Info. Mi Box S comes with the DRM Info, It is the widevine level 1 certification which is needed for HD streaming of Netflix, YouTube is also well presented with video resolutions of up to 4k.

Xiaomi Mi Box S is one of the very few TV boxes on the market that lets you stream your favorite services in full maximum 4k resolution on your TV there’s no need for mowing or installing extra modules or going for some deeper config items. know that it comes right out of the box.

4. Remote Control: The remote button comes with dedicated functions. There is a big Netflix button which immediately calls the Netflix service app.

There is one more big feature on the remote which is the dedicated button for launching Google assistant instead of typing long names and titles with the keyboard you can just call the name of the application and it will launch right away.

Mi Box S Remote Control

Having the voice options is quite comfortable to navigate even without an air mouse.

5. Chromecast: Streaming from your mobile device is possible with the Chromecast functionality. A typical example is using the YouTube app. When watching a video on YouTube you would notice an icon on the top of the video it’s going to give you the chance to stream the content to the Mi Box S. It’s extremely convenient and useful.

This is One of the big differences between this TV box and the non-certified android devices. This is a very quick good working and a reliable way to share content on your TV like videos,photos and making it visible for everyone in the room. It will be available for every person connected to the Wi-Fi without needs to install any additional apps.

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